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Niki Lauda: "MotoGP is leading Formula 1 as a spectacle"

Niki Lauda: 'MotoGP is leading Formula 1 as a spectacle'

Niki Lauda: "MotoGP is leading Formula 1 as a spectacle"

Niki Lauda was in Valencia at the weekend to witness his second live MotoGP race of the season, having also been at the Sachsenring in July. One of over 120,000 fans packed into the circuit to witness Valentino Rossi's latest triumph, the former F1 World Champion was left in no doubts as to the distinction of the series and of its current star performer.

"MotoGP is at the moment leading Formula 1 as a spectacle because it's much better," said Lauda. "You can see more racing… it's just better – it's incredible. In a way the two sports are not different from the point of view that you always have to go to the limit and some guys can do that better than the others. Rossi is outstanding at it – like Schumacher in that respect – but it's very close up at the front. Sete, for example, I appreciate, Max Biaggi… there is a good group of famous people fighting each other and I think it's the best you could have. You see the spectators here, the interest is huge so you couldn't hope for more.

"I think Rossi is incredible. It is going to be interesting to see now where he changes to because he is starting all over again, but I understand why he is doing it. It is a new motivation for him."

Lauda added that he enjoyed watching every round of the series in the comfort of his own home, but admitted that there is nothing quite like being at trackside on race day.

"I really like watching the braking – they way they slide. On television it is covered really well, I must say. You can see they way they are fighting with the machine - that's what makes it so interesting. But the most incredible thing is being here and listening to the sound. They don't sound like motorcycles – they sound like hell machines! You can see the power when they accelerate – they can barely keep the front wheel on the ground. I also enjoy watching the smaller classes – 125 and 250. From very aspect it's just a great spectacle to watch."

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