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Winner and answers of final round of KNOWITALL announced

Winner and answers of final round of KNOWITALL announced

Winner and answers of final round of KNOWITALL announced

The winner of the final round of the KNOWITALL competition has been drawn out of a hat after fourteen entrants scored the maximum twenty points. Daz Whitehead is the lucky winner of the helmet of a 2003 Yamaha rider of his choice, and will be contacted shortly with details of the prize. A raffle for the big prize of a Yamaha R6 will now be made, with everybody who has entered at least one round of the competition to be entered. The winner will be announced on this site shortly. For the meantime, the answers to the fourth and final round of KNOWITALL are the following:

1. Which bike did Marco Melandri use for his GP debut?
a Honda 125
b Aprilia 125
c Honda 250
d Yamaha 250

2. Which of the following brands is not a sponsor of Valentino Rossi?
a Repsol
b Gas
c Shoei
d Nastro Azzurro

3. Who was Dirk Raudies' closest rival in the fight for the 125 title in 1993?
a Jorge Martinez Aspar
b Kazuto Sakata
c Ralf Waldmann
d Haruchika Aoki

4. Which circuit saw the shortest winning gap in MotoGP in 2003 (before Motegi)?
a Brno
b Sachsenring
c Le Mans
d Catalunya

5. Who holds the current premier-class lap record at Salzburgring?
a John Kocinski
b Kevin Schwantz
c Wayne Rainey
d Mick Doohan

6. For which suspension company did Sete Gibernau's chief mechanic Juan Martinez work in the past?
a White Power
b Öhlins
c Showa
d Supwork

7. When was the last time that a Grand Prix was held in Hockenheim?
a 1994
b 1996
c 1992
d 2000

8. What is the maximum number of gears for a Grand Prix motorcycle?
a 6
b 7
c 5
d no limit

9. How many racetracks have hosted a Grand Prix in Malaysia?
a 4
b 3
c 2
d 1

10. Which of the following riders has been nominated as a MotoGP Legend?
a Eddie Lawson
b Jim Redman
c Luca Cadalora
d Carlo Ubbiali

11. What is the name of Carlos Checa's dog?
a Foc
b Piston
c Crack
d Dan

12. Who holds the record of consecutive podium finishes in the premier class?
a Giacomo Agostini
b Mick Doohan
c Valentino Rossi
d Kenny Roberts sr.

13. Who was the only rider to score points at every race in 2003?
a Garry McCoy
b Steve Jenkner
c Arnaud Vincent
d Naoki Matsudo

14. How many father and son combinations have won Grand Prix races?
a 3
b 5
c 8
d 4

15. For which rider is Andrea Dosoli chief mechanic?
a Noriyuki Haga
b Shinya Nakano
c Marco Melandri
d Troy Bayliss

16. How many different chassis have WCM used in 2003 (until Motegi)?
a 2
b 3
c 4
d 5

17. When did Kenny Roberts Sr. win the Grand National in the USA?
a 1971
b 1968
c 1973
d 1975

18. At what angle is the V configuration of the Proton KR engine?
a 70º
b 65º
c 85º
d 60º

19. Which football team does Max Biaggi support?
a AS Monaco
b SS Lazio
c AC Milan
d AS Roma

20. Which former rider now works as a telemetrist for Team Aprilia Germany?
a Ralf Waldmann
b Peter Ottl
c Klaus Nohles
d Jarno Muller

MotoGP, 2003

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