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Moriwaki still working to find a spot for 2004

Moriwaki still working to find a spot for 2004

Moriwaki still working to find a spot for 2004

After two years of developing a competitive chassis to house an RC211V engine, revered frame manufacturer Mamuru Moriwaki is stepping up his quest to find a full time MotoGP slot in 2004. Moriwaki Racing, run from their base close to the Suzuka Circuit in Japan, used the fifth version of their latest chassis in their second wildcard appearance of the season at Motegi last month, where Tamaki Serizawa finished 18th. Now they are keen for a full season of development to put the MD211VF at the front of the MotoGP grid.

"When we competed in Suzuka at the start of the season we were using the second bike – that is to say the second version of the chassis," explains Moriwaki. "So far we have built a total of five chasses and at Motegi we were using the fifth. We have completed very few tests and we have used a new chassis at each one. If we don't race then we can't identify the problems clearly, so we have made the most of this opportunity and I already have ideas for the next chassis."

With the majority of the factory MotoGP teams having already begun their winter testing programmes, time is of the essence for Moriwaki to get a package together in time for the 2004 season. However, in the true spirit of the motorcycle he has created (MDF211V stands for Moriwaki Dream Fighter) he insists they will be back one way or another. "I think the main thing is finding a sponsor. As far is the bike is concerned, we can build it with the support of our partners. The main problem is finding a sponsor. If we can't find one we are not going to give in. We will find new ways to compete in the future."

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