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Luís D´Antín: "This is the most important challenge the team have faced."

Luís D´Antín: 'This is the most important challenge the team have faced.'

Luís D´Antín: "This is the most important challenge the team have faced."

On December 10th the new look Ducati D´Antin team, with riders Neil Hodgson and Rubén Xaus, will take to the track at Valencia for their first test with the Desmosedici and start a fresh and challenging phase in the team's history to-date. Former rider and current team boss Luís D´Antín is set to run the only Duacti satellite squad in MotoGP and for this charge he has employed the two riders who dominated proceedings as part of the factory's sister team in World Superbikes.

In this interview with D´Antín comments in the imminent arrival of his two new riders and the hopes for his Spanish team now that they have linked up with the Italian manufacturer.

"This is the biggest challenge I have faced up until now, on all levels both professionally and personally, and also for all of the team," remarked D´Antín ahead of a new era for the set-up. "This is an ambitious project and we have to start work right away to make the best of it. We are lucky that this year we have a great rider in the form of Britain's Neil Hodgson, World Superbike Champion, with another strong member of the line-up, Rubén Xaus, who also is Spanish; so we have a lot of ambition in the team as well as a lot of heart."

"Rubén is a great talent with a lot potential; he is the Vice Champion to Neil and has a lot of experience with four-strokes and especially with Ducati," he continued, commenting on the young racer who signed up for MotoGP in the last few weeks.

For D'Antin the expansion of his team seems to fall in-line with the continual emergence of the MotoGP Championship: "Yes, we are trying to grow," he remarked. "I believe that this World Championship is getting bigger. Since the introduction of the new four-stroke technology we have been building up the speed and in turn as participants we also have to raise our level and follow through more ambitious ideas and projects. This is becoming a spectacular show, arriving in many different places and I feel lucky to be a part of it."

MotoGP, 2003

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