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Reaction from Jerez: Honda

Reaction from Jerez: Honda

Reaction from Jerez: Honda

Max Biaggi: "Even though the conditions were not good I went out to get a better feeling with the new parts on the bike. We need more time in dry conditions, and I'm sure things will be sorted out in Welkom, but today meant I could eliminate some of the more obvious things. I'm happy with all the testing the team has done, we have worked hard this winter and after good race simulations in Australia and Valencia I was very optimistic we could have a good race in South Africa. One month later it's not so easy, but slowly the feeling with the bike is getting there, and we'll be ready in Welkom."

Alex Barros: "Again the weather stopped everything. This morning we made a rain set-up to see how the bike performed and it was OK but I had to pull in as there were parts of the track that were flooded! We are so near the start of the season it really would have been stupid to carry on and take risks for no real reason. Although I am disappointed not to have ridden more I'm very happy with how I feel and how I feel on the bike. We wanted to get to the end of the testing period in a good shape ready for the season and I think we are. My shoulder feels absolutely fine; I now must build some muscle and strength for the race. See you in Welkom!

Nicky Hayden: "Not that good a day really. I fell off this afternoon in the rain. Just a little low-side. No big deal really. The weather was the same for everyone – we just had to keep going. I know this testing is really important and the team has worked real hard and we have made some good progress but I'm real ready to go racing now. I want to line up for real. Let's just get down to South Africa now. I'm ready to go!"

Makoto Tamada: "It was good in the wet with the rain tyres today. Bridgestone brought some new examples, and it was very comfortable in these conditions. The tyres have a new compound and a new profile. We didn't really get chance to test the new frame, and so at this moment I can only say that in the wet it seems to be a bit better than the one I have been testing on all winter. There wasn't enough opportunity to find out much though. Friday practice in Welkom will be a day to get some good testing in on the frame, whilst on Saturday we will move on to setting up for the race."

Colin Edwards: "I decided it was best not to go out today. If this test wasn't two weeks before the first race, even if it was a couple of weeks back then I'd have been out there all day, but you know that anything can happen in these conditions, and a stubbed finger or a bang on the toe and you're not ready for the first race. I was really happy after Australia and was very happy to race there and then, but we got thrown a curve ball with this new chassis configuration that we still need to get solid laps on. So I would say I'm content, but looking forward to what should be a great race in South Africa. I am going there to win, I didn't come here to play tiddlywinks!"

Sete Gibernau: "I would have liked to have got more laps on the new bike, we still need to get settled on it and I wanted to see what it was like after a decent number of laps. We didn't really get the chance either here in Jerez or in Barcelona. I am still feeling unwell though with the flu and decided that it was best to stay in the pits today and not risk anything in these conditions. I'll be better by the time we get to Welkom though, and I'm sure we'll be strong for the first race."

MotoGP, 2004

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