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Kagayama takes double BSB win at Oulton Park

Kagayama takes double BSB win at Oulton Park

Kagayama takes double BSB win at Oulton Park

Former MotoGP star Yukio Kagayama took a winning double in the fourth round of the THINK! British Superbike Championship at Oulton Park, with his series leading Rizla Suzuki team-mate John Reynolds having to settle for second best.

The Japanese rider, who returns home this week for further surgery as he continues his lengthy recovery from the injuries sustained in a crash last August, took both races with late, determined overtaking moves.

Reynolds had set the pace in each race. In the opener, Kagayama had closed in dramatically, running a bike's length down as they went into the final lap, and then made the decisive action at the Shell Oils corner, edging alongside the former twice champion, and the powering out with the advantage.

In the second race Reynolds again dictated terms out front, but his team-mate was hot on the charge, and this time, he grabbed the lead at Lodge Corner with three laps to go, hanging on to his third win in four races by 0.16 seconds.

Behind them was the determined Michael Rutter, maintaining his title hopes despite twice having to stage remarkable fight-backs. In the opener, his HM Plant Honda Fireblade was pushed wide on the first corner, dropping him to twelfth. Then, an electrical fault just before the second race meant he had to start from the back of the grid.

In each race he hit back to take third place, and is now 18 points down on Reynolds, but Kagayama, is closing in on them, third in the rankings, and 21 points adrift of Rutter.

"Today is a good result, I am so happy," commented Kagayama. "In the first race I follow John-san and study his riding. On the last lap I know where to overtake and win the race."

"In the second race I pass John-san with some laps to go. I try to break away and make many mistakes. I give too much gas and my body is tired, but I try my all and am so happy to win.

After the race I am maximum tired, so much that I cannot stand up by myself. But good news is that now I return to Japan for small holiday with my family and will come home to Britain stronger. I can win - I have number one team. I have learnt new English words - piece of cake!"

Race One Result: 1: Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) 26:14.357, 2: John Reynolds (Suzuki) +0.122, 3: Michael Rutter (Honda) +19.521, 4: Dean Thomas (Ducati) +21.156, 5: Scott Smart (Kawasaki) +29.181, 6: Glen Richards (Kawasaki) +29.658, 7: Gary Mason (Yamaha) +30.031, 8: Sean Emmett (Ducati) +34.898, 9: Tommy Hill (Yamaha) +1lap, 10: James Ellison (Yamaha) +1lap.

Race Two Result: 1: Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) 29:27.256, 2: John Reynolds (Suzuki) +0.124, 3: Rutter +13.571, 4: Thomas +14.920, 5: Smart +22.068, 6: Leon Haslam (Ducati) +23.188, 7: Mason +23.366, 8: Ellison +25.724, 9: Richards +29.215, 10: Noriyuki Haga (Ducati) +34.001.

Championship Positions: 1: John Reynolds (Suzuki) 167, 2: Rutter 149, 3: Yukio Kagayama (Suzuki) 128, 4: Smart 90, 5: Emmett 86, 6: Ryuichi Kiyonari (Honda) 76, 7: Thomas 74, 8: Hill 51, 9: Richards 51, 10: Mason 49.

MotoGP, 2004

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