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Melandri wants to be Spiderman too

Melandri wants to be Spiderman too

Melandri wants to be Spiderman too

Marco Melandri answered an ‘Emergency' call today as he emerged for the second time in his career dressed as Spiderman.

Fans braving the wet weather at Estoril this morning were rubbing their eyes in disbelief when Melandri emerged on his customised Yamaha M1, promoting the launch of the film ‘Spiderman 2' in Italy and supporting the ‘Emergency' charity, who provide medical relief to war and landmine victims around the world.

Melandri's leathers were hand painted by Aldo Drudi, the man behind Valentino Rossi's famous helmet designs, using a special technique known as ‘aerography'. Spidi carefully constructed the pieces of the suit before handing it over to Drudi, who drew the webbing completely by hand using a special airbrush paint gun after studying the design in Spiderman comics.

Drudi then returned the completed material to Spidi, who finished off the sewing and added Melandri's personal sponsors.

Melandri first dressed as Spiderman back in 2002, coinciding with the launch of the first film, at his home Grand Prix at Mugello. On that occasion he took victory and raised over €13,000 - a figure he hopes to beat this time around by selling the leathers, boots, gloves, helmet and even the bike fairing by internet auction.

All the money raised will be given to the Panshir Medical Centre in the Afghan village of Anabah. Built in 1999 to help victims of war, the surgical centre, featuring paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology units, provides medical facilities for the entire population of the region and is the first such centre to be opened by Emergency Ngo in the country.

For more details on the suit and its upcoming auction from the 23rd September, click on the link to the interview with Marco Melandri at the top of the page.


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