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Spidi combat heat with new cooling system

Spidi combat heat with new cooling system

Spidi combat heat with new cooling system

Leather manufacturers Spidi have come up with a novel way to combat the searing heat at the Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar this weekend, kitting out Sete Gibernau with a new anatomic cooling system.

The AIS (Anatomic Intercooler System) is designed to keep the rider cool inside the suit and keep his body temperature low even at high environmental temperatures. Developed by Spidi's Safety Lab, the revolutionary suit was based on technology originally developed by the ESA (European Space Agency) and Grado Zero Espace research centre.

"By far, the most difficult thing was to integrate all the AIS vital components together with the anatomy of the suit, because we could just not compromise on the original safety and fitting of Sete's suit", explained Lorenzo Faggionato, Spidi's racing developer in chief. "It's been tough, but in the end I can say we are really satisfied by the result.

"The cooling system is based on icy gel cooled water running through a circuit that is applied to the chest and back by a custom-made anatomic vest to be worn under the suit surface, whilst an ultra-light battery and micro-pump are inserted inside the suit hump.

"All these elements have been integrated so well into the original suit structure that Sete will be able to drink while racing thanks to a special bag filled by rehydrating drink also integrated in the hump and linked with the helmet. Sete successfully already used this rehydrating system last year at Sepang."


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