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Eric Bataille reflects on life after racing

Eric Bataille reflects on life after racing

Eric Bataille reflects on life after racing

Eric Bataille announced his retirement from Grand Prix racing in September after suffering no fewer than sixteen crashes in the opening twelve rounds of the season. The former 250cc French Champion has taken time off at home in Valencia to reflect on his decision and, despite admitting that motorcycle racing remains his passion, insists only an irresistible offer would convince him to return to Grand Prix.

"I have been racing bikes since I was fifteen years old and all sorts of things have happened to me in that time," he said. "But I arrived at the conclusion that I had never been given access to the right material to be where I wanted to be and it wasn't worth the amount of effort I was putting in.

"I was giving my maximum but that fact I wasn't on a factory machine meant that I had to go beyond my limits and try to make up the lack of speed of my bike with my riding. That's when you start crashing.

"In a private team, if the tyres don't fail you then the suspension will... you never manage to get everything right with the bike. I wanted to race to do well and to entertain people but I realised there was no point carrying on."

The 23 year old added that he still wasn't sure where his career will go from here, but says is making the most of the chance to have fun and spend time with the family business.

"I've been doing some supermoto here in Valencia and I do as many other sports as I can. My father has a few business and I could work as a promoter in the future, although I still haven't ruled out a career in another sport such as snowboard or windsurfing but I don't know. You know what they say – ‘sport is healthy, competition is deadly.'

"Luckily for me I don't need to work, so whatever I do is for pleasure. Who knows? Maybe one day you'll see me competing in another sport. I'd love to come back to motorcycle racing but only with factory support and with the material to be competitive."

250cc, 2004

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