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WCM seal sponsorship deal

WCM seal sponsorship deal

WCM seal sponsorship deal

The WCM team will have sponsorship in 2005 as they embark on an ambitious MotoGP project with Czech minibike manufacturer Blata. Development of the V6 prototype is already well underway at the factory headquarters near Brno and has attracted the attention of international multimedia development company 'shoutingdog', who have agreed to a partnership with WCM.

"Following meetings between WCM's Director of Racing Peter Clifford and 'shoutingdog' Marketing Manager Steve Hawthorne, the two companies have laid out an agreement and strategy that should bring a lot of exciting ideas not only to the Blata V6 project but to the whole of MotoGP," read a team statement.

Details of WCM's first track test with the Blata V6 have yet to be announced.

MotoGP, 2004

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