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MotoGP Podium Quotes

MotoGP Podium Quotes

MotoGP Podium Quotes

Loris Capirossi

It was an amazing race, and we started to find a good setting over the weekend which stood us in good stead. Bridgestone brought in some new tyres which worked well, and then this morning I watched the pace in the warmup and saw how fast everyone was going. I took off at the start, but I know that Marco always follows closely and I knew I had to break away. After that I saw Valentino closing the gap, so I had to give another push and take me to safety. This is the best of the two wins that I've had in Japan.

Valentino Rossi

These 20 points are so important for the championship, but they are even more important at this track. It's not my favourite but we did a great job right from the beginning. This morning we actually had a problem, but together with the team and Michelin we worked on it and found a solution. I followed Loris and Marco at the start, two riders who go very fast, but Loris broke away after he saw me on his tail.

Marco Melandri

It was a very good start. I tried to overtake Loris on the first lap in first lap, because I wasn't sure if I could follow him. I never rode at such pace in practice, so I wasn't ready to do so in the race. I had some rear slide, especially on left, when chasing Loris. When I lost a second I tried to catch him again, and then I lost the front end. The same thing happened when I was after Valentino, so I said "okay, twice is enough times for me to be lucky, I don't want to use up my good fortune".


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