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Red Bull Rookies selection showdown at Paul Ricard

Red Bull Rookies selection showdown at Paul Ricard

A group of 44 of the world's best teenage riders make their way to the French Paul Ricard venue on November 22nd and 23rd for the Final Selection Event of the 2008 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

A group of 44 of the world's best teenage riders make their way to the French Paul Ricard venue on November 22nd and 23rd for the Final Selection Event of the 2008 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup.

The two days in France, at a track new to all the participants, will decide who will be picked to join a select number of the 2007 Rookies who are to remain in the Cup for another year.

From Africa, Australia and Austria, from Finland and France, from 19 different nations, the 44 all have the hope of being seen as future World Champions. Following initial selection events at the Sachsenring in Germany in August and in Italy at the Adria Raceway in October the finalists have now received their invitations to Paul Ricard.

From Omagh, Northern Ireland, Nicole McAleer is typical in her enthusiasm for the final selection event. "It is so exciting, I have never been there so for me like everyone else it is completely new. I think that is great, everyone is equal and I love new tracks. I am going to have fun and the more fun I have the faster I go."

One of the five Spaniards keen to impress in France is 14 year old Juan Perello Alejo from Mallorca. "First of all I think that in Paul Ricard there will be a very high level. But I will give the best I can and I have confidence in myself. I hope I will make it through to the Rookies Cup in 2008!"

Ryan Dymond is one of two riders travelling all the way from Australia to show his form in France. "The opportunity of a lifetime," said the Queenslander who is trying to make sure that he makes the most of his time on the 125 Metrakit Selection bikes. "I've been racing a 150 Honda four-stroke this year. I've never raced on a 125 before but thanks to Team 27 here in Australia I have done some testing on a 125 and that's a big help. I have wanted to travel and go racing abroad my whole life so this is a dream coming true for me."

Coming from the sunshine coast Ryan is probably hoping for a bit of late autumn sun in the south of France, unlike Kevin Calia, making the shorter trip from Imola in Italy. "I really hope it rains! I have a good feeling with the rain, I always do my best and above all I manage to get away from the other riders, as I did in Adria."

For 13 year old Kevin the chance to get into the 2008 Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Cup is just as important as it is for the other aspirants. "Two things are very important to me: a step forward for my career, and the opportunity to compete in some of the best circuits in the world, in front of the most important team managers.

Some, like German Ben Gaedke, come primed with hope that things will go well. "I'm looking forward to get to know Paul Ricard. I have never been there but I hope that the circuit is nice. I also hope to get along well with the motorcycle and most of all I hope to be selected!"

The Paul Ricard Final Selection Event entry list:

Ryan Dymond, Australia
Dylan Morgan-Mavin, Australia
Nico Thöni, Austria
Alex Orban, Belgium
Luka Nervo, Croatia
Jakub Kornfeil, Czech Republic
Andrea Touskova, Czech Republic
Niklas Ajo, Finland
Valentin Debise, France
Nelson Major, France
Florian Marino, France
Lukas Eckert ,Germany
Toni Finsterbusch, Germany
Ben Gaedke, Germany
Luca Grünwald, Germany
Kevin Hanus, Germany
Tobias Hinze, Germany
Nico Hüssner, Germany
Nicole McAleer, Ireland
Andrew Murphy, Ireland
Kevin Calia, Italy
Marco Colandrea, Italy/Switzerland
Nicolo Lagiongada, Italy
Alejandro Pardo Manuel, Italy
Davide Stirpe, Italy
Daijiro Hiura, Japan
Yuya Yokoo, Japan
Thomas van Leeuwen,Netherlands
Alessio Cappella, Nigeria
Steven Odendaal, South Africa
Mathew Scholz, South Africa
Juan Perello Alejo, Spain
Fernando Rodríguez, Spain
Pedro Rodriguez Gonzalez, Spain
Daniel Ruiz Vives, Spain
Isaac Vinales Mares, Spain
Alexander Kristiansson, Sweden
Eric Vionnet, Switzerland
James Joshua Elliott, United Kingdom
Ben McConnachie, United Kingdom
Harry Stafford, United Kingdom
James John Yates, United Kingdom
Ben Young, United Kingdom
Patrick Jacobsen, USA

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