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Espargaro brothers enjoying MotoGP adventure together

Espargaro brothers enjoying MotoGP adventure together

Although by no means the first pair of siblings to feature simultaneously in the World Championship Aleix and Pol Espargaro are currently the only two brothers to ride full time in MotoGP.

Lotus Aprilia 250cc rider Aleix Espargaro and his younger brother Pol, who rides in the 125cc class with Belson Derbi, are two of the most likeable characters in the World Championship - and the young Catalan pair enjoy supporting each other as they travel the world´s MotoGP circuits together.

Following in the footsteps of several additional brothers to simultaneously compete in Grand Prix racing, Kenny Roberts Jnr and Kurtis Roberts and the Nobuatsu, Takuma and Haruchika Aoki trio being other well-known examples, the Espargaros have a close relationship, as discovered in a recent chat.

`We get along pretty well,´ says Pol. `We´re racing in different categories so we both have our own stuff to worry about, but we´re always together, supporting each other.´

His big brother adds, `We raced together in the Catalan Championship where we had a one-two once and another time in a 125cc GP at Montmelo. Apart from those races we´ve always been in different classes. We have fun when we´re together at races but it´s also good to have someone you can count on when you hit tough times.´

`Aleix has a lot of great qualities,´ continues Pol. `I think he is a very instinctive kind of rider. He won´t think twice before making a move, which can be a good and a bad thing, but it can be crucial in gaining positions and eventually winning races.´

`Pol is very motivated and he´s a real fighter, he´s not one to give up easily. He always gives his all. I have the 41 number plate just like my favourite rider, Youichi Ui. Pol has the 44 plate as he´s a fan of Alex Barros. It just happened like that, the number four appeared a lot throughout our careers. I started racing with it in motocross, it´s just a coincidence really.´

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