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Crashes and comebacks in Catalunya for Red Bull MotoGP Academy duo

Crashes and comebacks in Catalunya for Red Bull MotoGP Academy duo

Red Bull MotoGP Academy riders Danny Kent and Cameron Beaubier were both in action last weekend in Spain, with varying fortunes in the Sunday CEV Buckler race.

The Red Bull MotoGP Academy was represented in the CEV Buckler Spanish Championship last weekend, with Danny Kent and Cameron Beaubier participating in the second round of the series in Barcelona.

Heavy rain made things difficult for the Briton and the American, with the latter in particular struggling with the torrential downpours experienced in Northeast Spain. Starting from eighth on the grid, Beaubier crashed out on the third lap whilst in the podium places.

Kent was more fortunate than his American counterpart, although he too hit the deck over the weekend. A tumble on Saturday left him in 29th for the race, but a spectacular comeback saw him climb to as high as eighth in the wet conditions. An eventual twelfth place finish and a first completed race left Kent pleased with his handling of a complicated task.

Reviewing the performance of his protégés, Red Bull MotoGP Academy director Raul Jara highlighted the fact that humid asphalt is more to the liking of experienced competitors.

`It was a difficult weekend for everyone, but with less wet experience than the other riders it was especially so for us. With wet asphalt any mistake can cause a crash,´ said the former 125cc competitor.

`Cameron slid when he had his foot on the peg, and that put him on the ground. Danny had a good race, with an important comeback from 29th on the grid. He found a good pace in the wet, and to finish your first race in such conditions is not easy.´

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