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Edwards eyes podium whilst Toseland looks for improvement in Sachsenring

Edwards eyes podium whilst Toseland looks for improvement in Sachsenring

Colin Edwards returned to the front row after a four-race absence in Sachsenring, and is looking for a second consecutive rostrum finish in the Sunday showdown.

Colin Edwards and James Toseland both stepped up their preparations for the Alice Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland in the Saturday qualifying session. Of the Tech 3 Yamaha pairing, Edwards was the most impressive, qualifying third on the grid.

Colin Edwards – Third

`We tried something different this morning and I don´t know if I woke up on the wrong side of the bed or what we tried was bizarre, even though it was´'t far from what we had yesterday, but it just didn't work. I threw a qualifier in early just to make sure I´d got a time in with the skies looking a bit threatening. You´d hate to be on the pace and not try an early qualifier and be back in ninth or something on the grid. Being on the front row is great for my team because it is so important here with it being so hard to pass on this track. I´ve never gone well at this track, so if somebody had told me on Thursday I´d be on the front row and ready to fight for the podium, I´m not sure what I would have said. But it´s a testament to how good everything is working well together. The bike, the tyres and the team just make a great package. I´d still like a bit more feeling on the front and it kind of feels a bit vague but I think a lot of that´s down to the temperature. We have to run a harder front for endurance and it works okay, but it would work great in hotter conditions because the surface was only about 26 degrees out there today. But the Michelin qualifiers are awesome because you can just go and push on them. It might rain tomorrow and we have been trying to sort out a wet setting with the geometry of this year´s bike and we have struggled a bit. We have a wet setting that I used to finish second at Donington last year and I used it at Donington in qualifying last month. Just about every time it rains I pull this setting out and use it. So tomorrow I´m not going to mess around and try and make something new work. ´'ll just get 20 minutes of good time on that setting if it´s wet in the warm-up. I expect to be up there challenging at the front tomorrow because the total package is working awesome.´

James Toseland – Eleventh

I made a change for the last qualifier and it was night and day difference. I found it difficult on the first three tyres and couldn´t break the 1.23 barrier. With that weight transfer problem pitching weight to the front, I wasn't getting the best out of the extra grip from the qualifier because I didn´t have much feel from the rear going into the corners. I´ve got to say a big thanks to my guys because at the end we made a slight change to the rear of the bike and I did a 22.1. Before that I´d hit a bit of a wall. The change helped massively with the weight transfer and to go a second quicker from one qualifier to the next is a massive improvement. I´m only 11th but another half-a-second and I would have been on the front row, so I´m reasonably happy. I need to get a decent start and hold my position in the top ten because it is a long race and it could rain. Like I said yesterday, this is a tough track. The throttle control knowledge you need for this track is unbelievable. You have got to be so precise and it is almost like you have to learn which position of the throttle you need to be in rather than where you need to be on the track. Too little throttle and you´re going too slowly in the corner and too much and you run wide or it unsettles the balance of the bike. In terms of throttle control I´ve never known a track where you need to be so accurate for lines and apexes and it is so hard because you spend so much time at full lean angle.´

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