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MotoGP Legend Rainey on the demands of Laguna

MotoGP Legend Rainey on the demands of Laguna

One of the most cherished figures in the history of the World Championship, MotoGP Legend Wayne Rainey, spoke to on Saturday at the Red Bull U.S. Grand Prix.

Former Yamaha star and MotoGP Legend Wayne Rainey, the three-time 500cc World Champion who was a three-time race winner at Laguna Seca, looked ahead to Sunday´s race at the California circuit when he caught up with on Saturday afternoon.

Rainey, who won at his home track in 1989, 1990 and 1991 and resides close to the venue for this weekend´s American extravaganza, commented, `Laguna Seca is a track on which you are constantly working. There is not much time to relax. If you make a little mistake here it can bite you, because you just don´t have that much time to settle down. There are no long straightaways and you are constantly changing direction.´

`So I think whoever is leading the race will have to focus for the entire time. But if you are not leading the race, there is always the chance that the leader will make a mistake, so if you stay strong you could capitalise on that.´

When asked about the importance of the retention of Valentino Rossi´s services by Yamaha for two more years, Rainey remarked, `The most important part of the puzzle for every team is the rider. Obviously with the credentials that Valentino brings to the team and brings to the sport, they have got the best guy. So now they need to work on the performance of the bike and we will see what happens in the future.´


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