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Uncini gives update on Indianapolis safety

Uncini gives update on Indianapolis safety

Riders´ Safety Representative Franco Uncini spoke to on Thursday at the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix following a safety meeting with the MotoGP riders.

After a standard safety meeting on Thursday with the MotoGP field at a new addition to the World Championship calendar, Franco Uncini reviewed the process of preparation which has taken place ahead of the Red Bull Indianapolis Grand Prix.

The Riders´ Safety Representative spoke to the participants in this weekend´s historic GP event before the action got underway, with the riders requesting the addition of some extra air fences at specific points on the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway MotoGP track.

`There were just a few concerns because whenever we go to a new track the riders do not know exactly what direction the bikes will be going in. We visited the track point-by-point and we decided on some solutions, because there are still some things to do for tomorrow,´ stated Uncini, referring to the extra safety fences which would be added.

`Obviously we cannot make big changes before tomorrow, but the first sessions will be like a test and we will see if the concerns are cancelled out. In general though we are quite happy.´

Reflecting on the test visit earlier this year and the final modifications that have been made to the IMS in recent weeks, Uncini also commented, `Well we just did a tyre test in July because the manufacturers wanted to see what the asphalt was like and see what tyres they should bring. At that time the track was not completely finished. The layout was there but there was a different line and a different system but the limitations were not in place like they are now.´

`After that some modifications were made to introduce limitations and prevent the bikes going near to the wall, so now the circuit is actually a bit slower. But it is now how it was on our maps and how it was agreed with the Safety Commission.´


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