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Valencia test reveals Bridgestone compound changes

Valencia test reveals Bridgestone compound changes

Bridgestone pleased with times and endurance in first test of single tyre supplier era.

Awarded the responsibility of supplying the entire MotoGP grid with tyres for 2009 and beyond, Bridgestone had perhaps their biggest premier class test to date on Monday in Valencia. The Japanese manufacturer have adapted their range of rubber to implement an `equal opportunities´ policy for the coming seasons, with each rider receiving twelve of the reduced grip slick tyres for their post-race work.

Bridgestone´s Race Tyre Development Manager, Tohru Ubukata, was happy with the company´s extensive day of testing, which will help further hone their operation for the upcoming November test in Jerez.

`I am really very satisfied with the first trials of our new specification slick tyres which we were able to carry out in the dry conditions on Monday. Considering it is the first time that we are producing MotoGP tyres for everybody in a sole tyre supply situation, I think we have made a good start,´ said Ubukata after one day of dry testing and a wet Tuesday run. `We have used the foundation of our 2008 tyres for these new specs but made some important alterations to ensure that the tyres have a wide operating window and can work well for all teams and riders.´

Of particular interest to Bridgestone´s technicians was the endurance factor, particularly critical with the reduction in available tyres for every team. The number of laps put in by the eighteen-strong field went some way to alleviating any fears previously held by the manufacturer.

`We have reduced the overall grip level of the tyres and the feedback from the riders has been encouraging. The track conditions on Monday were excellent and the lap times were also very competitive as a result. The most important thing for us is to know that our tyres are durable because this will be one of the most fundamental things for us next season. Some riders put up to 40 laps on the same set of tyres with great consistency which was particularly impressive,´ continued Ubukata.

`This new situation as the only tyre manufacturer will be a new challenge for us, but I am sure we are up to the job and can live up to the trust that the teams, manufacturers and riders have shown in us and our capabilities.´

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