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Brivio: `Wall permanence will keep Yamaha together´

Brivio: `Wall permanence will keep Yamaha together´

Fiat Yamaha Team Manager believes Rossi-Lorenzo split garage will continue to bring success.

Predicted tensions between Fiat Yamaha riders Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo failed to materialise in 2008, with the two riders showing a healthy respect for one another en route to bringing the factory outfit the Team championship. Their garage was divided by a wall last year -ostensibly due to the use of different tyre suppliers by each rider- one that will remain in 2009 despite the implementation of a single-tyre rule in the MotoGP World Championship.

Far from believing that such a divide will adversely affect the relationship between the two different crews, Rossi´s Team Manager Davide Brivio holds the opinion that maintaining the partition will be best for all involved.

`There has been a lot of talk about this solution, but now everybody is getting used to it. This solution worked well,´ says Brivio.

`When two riders fighting for victory are in the same team, there can be some tension between them. This solution lets us manage the situation in the best way, because as they say we have `two roosters in the hen house´. Maybe it is better to keep them separated and let them be at their best during the races.´

`I work only with Valentino Rossi, this is a good solution for him. But it is also good for Yamaha in general, because it allows both leading riders, Valentino and Lorenzo, to express themselves freely, without tensions in their relationship. I think others will follow our example. Even if they don´t have a real wall, sometimes there is an invisible wall and that can be even thicker than ours, which is visible. Other teams are experiencing tensions between their two riders, physically there is no wall between them but in reality it is almost as if there is one,´ explains the Italian.

For the first time in three years, Brivio´s charge will be the defending champion in 2009. Rossi´s title victory last season was an important one for the six-time MotoGP king, and his Team Manager goes as far as to state that it was a victory for talent over technology.

`Valentino has `suffered´ as a result of the changes that have arisen since technology has progressed, more electronics are used and rider aids have been introduced. On the one hand aids are very useful for safety reasons and research, especially with regards to the production bike. These aids will affect production and therefore our customers, so research in this field is welcomed. However, from a sporting and performance point of view, this is an aid to the riders.

`Sometimes Valentino has expressed the desire to reduce the rider aids, in order to allow the rider´s talent and ability to be properly appreciated. This is justifiable from the rider´s point of view. Ultimately it is always the best that are leading.´

On any doubts as to Rossi´s motivation, Brivio is unequivocal.

`Beating Valentino Rossi is an achievement, so we´ll have to put up a defence, or even attack these young riders who are hoping for the recognition they would receive if they managed to beat Valentino Rossi!´

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