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Luthi slams Debón for ‘incomprehensible’ crash

Luthi slams Debón for ‘incomprehensible’ crash

Swiss rider heaps opprobrium on 250cc rival for Le Mans collision.

One only need have seen Thomas Luthi’s reaction to his Le Mans fall to understand that he was none-too-happy with the move made by rival Alex Debón that ended his race. The Swiss rider was taken out by the Spaniard nine laps from the 250cc race’s conclusion, in an incident that podium aspirant Luthi found endlessly infuriating.

“I was certain of a rostrum finish. The bike was going well, I was riding alone for laps, and then Debón slid his bike into my rear wheel. I have no idea what drove him to try this maneuver, to me whatever he had planned is incomprehensible,” seethed Luthi after the French race, before continuing to chastise the Spaniard.

“This is not the first time that he has taken me out with a senseless move in a race. He didn’t apologise to me once, although even if he had done it would be worthless to me now. I will see him on track again,” he continued.

Debón accepted his part in Luthi’s DNF after the race, giving his side of the story.

“I was doing fast laps and when I caught up with Luthi I was ready to overtake him. My front end went out from underneath me when I hit the brakes and I fell, and the fact that I made him crash makes me feel really bad,” said the veteran, who remounted but then suffered another crash that ended his weekend.

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