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Four races, five weeks and 5,500 kilometres ahead

Four races, five weeks and 5,500 kilometres ahead

The MotoGP World Championship reaches one of its most intensive phases of the year, requiring Hospitality Repsol to execute a calculated logistics operation.

England, Holland, Spain and Germany will host, over the next five weeks, four MotoGP World Championship races – a journey that will cover half of Europe, travelling 5,500 kilometres. A meeting place for Spanish and foreign journalists, as well as guests of the Spanish company, at all the races held in Europe Hospitality Repsol must execute an efficient logistics operation to offer the best service in the paddock.

After 14 years in the MotoGP World Championship, Hospitality Repsol, managed by Ginés Guirado, is a true benchmark in the exclusive MotoGP paddock. It is a genuine restaurant on wheels that can boast of offering the best dishes in the circuit, which is visited by around 100 guests every day, including journalists, members of the team and the company's guests. Two trailers transport almost 60,000kg by road for each race, giving shape and spirit to a space measuring over 80 square metres divided into two areas: a dining room and a bar.

Spending almost 100 days away from home, half of them travelling the roads across Europe, Hospitality Repsol travels to all of the Grand Prix races held in the continent. However, it is during long journeys like those of the next five weeks when it must optimise its performance.

To tackle so many races in such a short time, good planning is essential. Years of experience and thorough control of all details make Hospitality Repsol standout. A roaming restaurant that, circuit after circuit, opens its doors to become a meeting point for journalists, guests, riders and the company's friends.


June 20th: AirAsia British Grand Prix, Silverstone Circuit
June 26th: TIM TT Assen, Assen Circuit
July 4th: Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya, Circuit de Catalunya
July 18th: Eni Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland, Sachsenring Circuit


- 1997: year of the first Repsol Hospitality
- 7 people working per GP
- 5 extra people in the Spanish races
- 2 trailers
- hospitality trailer: 22,000kg
- cargo trailer: 35,000kg
- one motor home
- one support car
- 35 litres per 100km. Average consumption of a trailer
- 12 GPs per season
- 8 days away from Spain per Grand Prix
- 96 days a year away from home
- 4 days on the road per race
- 48 days driving
- 10.5 x 8 metre dimensions of the hospitality trailer
- Capacity 42 diners
- 50 guests standing at the bar
- 6 services: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Breakfast and lunch
- 180: maximum number of services in a single lunch (Saturday of the Jerez GP)
- 4 lunch shifts in highest turnout races
- 100 services per lunch in races outside of Spain
- 1 refrigerated container and 1 freezer in the trailer

MotoGP, 2010, AIRASIA BRITISH GRAND PRIX, Repsol Honda Team

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