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Current and future MotoGP plans of Antonio Banderas

Current and future MotoGP plans of Antonio Banderas

The Spanish actor, proprietor of the Jack&Jones by Antonio Banderas Moto2 team, discusses how the season has gone so far, and talks about a possible future venture into the MotoGP class in the attached free video interview.

Providing some Hollywood glamour at Montmeló this weekend is Antonio Banderas, and the Spanish actor is attending the Gran Premi Aperol de Catalunya in his capacity as owner of his Moto2 team, Jack&Jones by Antonio Banderas.

With riders Kenny Noyes and Joan Olivé riding Promoharris machines in the inaugural season of the new intermediate category it has been a promising start to the project for Banderas, his crew and riders. Noyes scored a seventh-placed finish at Jerez and started the Le Mans race from pole position.

“I am happy with things so far because we got into a new category in the World Championship that is very difficult. This year in this category we have the same engine for everybody, and the result is unbelievable. People who are making pole position one week are making 15th one or two weeks later, so it has a lot to do with the skill of the riders, and at the same time how the technical team is working and their knowledge of the different circuits,” explained Banderas in the free video interview attached. “In this category you can tell the very high level of the riders in the World Championship. I think when people digest what is happening they are going to enjoy this type of racing very much.”

Already lifelong fan the chance to be involved in a technical capacity is a dream come true for Banderas. He continued: “This is my first time as a member of a team. I have enjoyed coming to races my entire life but just as spectator, but now to be part of a team is a whole completely different point of view. Wherever I am I follow it one way or another. If I’m in the US I follow it through Speed Channel, if I’m in other places where it’s not on television I follow through the internet. Otherwise I just call the team and ask how our guys are doing!”

With a longer term plan on the agenda Banderas intends to get his Moto2 project fully installed first, but is looking ahead to a potential progression into the premier class, MotoGP.

“What we have to do is establish our team in this category in the next two to three years, and the next step probably will be to jump to the MotoGP category,” he stated. “I don’t know though, it may change in the future and there is the 1000cc four-stroke introduction, so we have to see how our project develops. But I think we are going to end up in that category.”

Demonstrating his passion for the MotoGP World Championship further, Banderas then gave his thoughts on how the season was developing as a spectacle.

“I love Marc Márquez in 125cc, I think he is unbelievable. He has the strength and the skill of many other legendary Spanish riders and I think he can make it. Nico Terol is doing very well and Pol Espargaró too,” explained Banderas. “In Moto2 I think Toni Elías has got a big chance of going for the title, but it’s very unpredictable in the category for the reasons I’ve already discussed.”

Offering his view on the premier class, Banderas added: “In MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo seems to be the guy who can conquer the World Championship after Valentino Rossi’s unfortunate accident in Mugello. It’s a pity in a way because I thought that actually Lorenzo was ready this year to defeat Rossi, but we won’t have the opportunity to see it. If he wins then a lot of people will bring that up and ask what would have happened if Valentino Rossi had been there until the end of the Championship. But that is a question that has to be answered next year, and we will be here to see what the answer is!”

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