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Kevin Schwantz’s expert eye on braking

Kevin Schwantz’s expert eye on braking

The former 500cc World Champion talks about the integral importance of braking and the role it plays in race strategy.

All MotoGP fans have witnessed the thrill of one rider out-braking another into a turn to pass his rival, and in the attached video 1993 500cc World Champion Kevin Schwantz gives his experience on the importance of braking to a successful race strategy.

“Even if you’re going to have to go off-line to pass somebody, you really need to have good braking reference points,” explains Schwantz in the attached video. “You also have to be really smooth in your transition off of the brakes. For me it was always one or two fingers and just the front brake, I never used the rear brake at all.”

“Muscling your way past somebody on the brakes involves just having the confidence to go up the inside of them, and also that you can make that transition smoothly onto the brakes and get all your hard braking done. Once you get to the turn you’ve got to be able to hold that line and be able to get out of the corner to keep the other guy from coming back underneath you.”

Watch the attached video to gain a full insight into Schwantz’s expert knowledge.

MotoGP, 2010, Kevin Schwantz

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