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Puig highly critical of Simoncelli move

Puig highly critical of Simoncelli move

Dani Pedrosa’s mentor was extremely angry after the Repsol Honda rider was left with a broken collarbone following a crash at Le Mans on Sunday, having come together with Marco Simoncelli during the race.

Alberto Puig was strong in his criticism of Marco Simoncelli following an incident during the Monster Energy Grand Prix de France on Sunday. The Italian rider was given a ride through penalty for a manoeuvre on Dani Pedrosa which caused the Spaniard to crash, a fall which resulted in a broken right collarbone for the Repsol Honda rider.

Pedrosa’s mentor Puig said: “You’ve seen what happened, we can’t say much, it’s a complete disaster. The images speak for themselves. For a long while the fact that Simoncelli is dangerous has been talked about, and I believe he really is ignorant, that he doesn’t understand anything about what’s going on. Now the damage has already been done, it seems he (Pedrosa) has a broken collarbone and it has ruined another season.”

Puig continued: “I can’t say much more, it’s completely outrageous. This guy has to be reprimanded, I hope the Security Commission does something because this isn’t the first time. He was already warned in Estoril, Lorenzo spoke with him, and it seems he doesn’t take notice of anyone.”

“It’s a serious thing. For starters the manoeuvre is wrong, because Dani had taken the position but he (Simoncelli) has tried to force it. Secondly, he’s made somebody crash and break a bone. This is something serious.”

Asked about Pedrosa’s Championship hopes after the fourth round crash, Puig responded: “If you break a bone in the middle of a Championship, it’s complicated.”

He added: “We have called for something to be done, and if it isn’t done then it’s because they don’t know how to do it. I don’t know. Now the most important thing is to see how Dani is, get him home and see what needs to be done. It really is a disaster but the real problem is this guy (Simoncelli), who is ignorant and doesn’t understand anything.”

Doctor Claudio Macchiagodena of the Clinica Mobile said of Pedrosa’s injury: “Dani has fractured the right collarbone in the crash. The middle part of the collarbone is broken, but I don’t think it is too bad. We need to do more tests and I think it’s better they’re done in Barcelona. After that we will see whether he needs an operation or not.”

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