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Time for Oettl to take off the rose-tinted glasses

Time for Oettl to take off the rose-tinted glasses

Phillipp Oettl, the only German rider on the Moto3™ grid this year, talks us through his preparations for the 2015 season.

The 18 year old has spent the previous two seasons on a Kalex-KTM machine but this year, the son of five time Grand Prix winner Peter Oettl, will be taking to the grid on a full KTM bike for the Schedl GP Racing Team. caught up with the young German rider at a presentation for Eurosport this week, and this is what he had to say:

Philipp, the first tests are done. How would you summarise them?

“Very exciting! The KTM definitely is completely different to the Kalex. We experimented a bit with the suspension settings and were able to pitch what is working and what not. KTM’s support was brilliant on all days. We tested it in the wet and dry and all was working quite good so far. I am satisfied but I for sure think there is more room for improvement.”

What are the next steps and plans?

“We are going to do the next IRTA test and then head to Qatar directly.”

You have changed your training programme a lot. What exactly did you change?

“Before my trainer did everything, in other words, he took care of the mental and physical side of the exercises. Now he is only looking for the physical side and the mental programme is done by another person. Compared to 2014 my physical training is much more intense which means a lot changes. We have split everything into parts and on different people to get the maximum out of everything.”

How big is the difference between today’s Philipp and the Philipp from one year ago?

“Huge! I believe it is better now. I am more focused and this is good. Last year we were wearing a kind of rose-coloured glasses and were looking for strong results but not for the gap or lap times. We blocked that out and went into it a bit too relaxed. We did prepare ourselves in the winter but obviously not the proper right way. Now my training has improved a lot. I did ride motorbikes a lot, Supermoto in Italy, MotoCross outside and Indoors and so on. That’s been mega and in the winter everything glued together. First I thought about going to Spain but the temperatures in Italy have been between 10 and 15 degrees as well so that wasn’t necessary.”

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