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#AskBinder: "I’m really enjoying myself with my new team"

#AskBinder: 'I’m really enjoying myself with my new team'

Red Bull KTM Ajo’s Brad Binder answers fans questions ahead of his fourth season in the Moto3™ Championship.

The South African who has joined the team this year took to Facebook and Twitter to answer questions about life on and off the track:

You have a new team for this season. How do you feel about your new crew?
”The truth is I’m really enjoying myself with my new team. From day one it has been wonderful to be part of this structure and has been easy to adapt. My mechanics are always very attentive and very friendly and this makes working a lot easier. These good feelings are transmitted whenever I go out on track. Everything is easier.”

What ambitions do you have, going into this season?
”My plan is to try to do well every weekend and get onto the podium as often as possible. At the end of the year we’ll see where we are in the standings and then see what we can do.”

How are you getting on with your new teammates, Miguel [Oliveira] and Karel [Hanika]?
”The relationship with Miguel and Karel is very good. The truth is that all three of us have a lot of fun. We are rivals on the track, but off it we are good friends and we get along great. Both of them are very nice guys. Perhaps Miguel is more serious and Karel more of a joker, but we have a great time together.”

Are you always competing?
”No, not always. After the races we always get together and drive karts, do motocross, play bowling. But we are not always comparing ourselves to each other. Away from the circuits we’re friends.”

What are the advantages of having three riders in the team?
”The good thing is being able to look at our times when we are close together and analyse the data. We can see where everyone goes faster and what our strengths are. This helps us to get a good lap. I enjoy it a lot and it makes things easier.”

At Valencia in 2012, Ajo Motorsport had three riders on the podium. Do you think that can happen again this season?
”I remember that race perfectly because Zulfahmi [Khairuddin] passed me on the last corner of the race and denied me my first podium [laughs]. And of course I think it could be repeated; there’s no reason to think otherwise. It would be a great reward for the whole team.”

How do you see the state of the competition in South Africa?
”Many people do not see South Africa as a powerhouse in the world of motorcycle racing, but the scene today is much better than a few years ago and some good riders are coming through.”

Why do you wear the number 41?
”When I was little I used to use 14. Then, after changing competition in South Africa, 14 was already taken, so I decided to alter the order and use 41. Although actually one of the reasons I switched to 41 was because I liked Noriyuki Haga. He was my favourite rider.”

Are you superstitious? Do you have any rituals you perform before races?
”I’m not superstitious, but sometimes I look at what underwear I am going to use. If I have got a good result with any of them, then I use them the day of the race. But it depends. When things go well I’m not superstitious, but when I end up in a position that I do not like, I’m more superstitious.”

Who called you first ’Bradical’?
”I was called that for the first time in the Red Bull Rookies Cup, when we used to joke around with Arthur Sissis. We started calling him Arturo [Arthur in Spanish] and he invented the nickname ’Bradical’. I thought, “it is an affectionate nickname and I like it. Why not?”

What is your favourite dinosaur?
”My God, I did not expect that question! [laughs]. Well the only one I know is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, so it has to be my favourite.”

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