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Marquez blog: Keeping on track

Marquez blog: Keeping on track

It was such an insane weekend, wasn’t it?

In his latest official blog for Marc Marquez looks back at the San Marino GP:

Hello everyone, good morning!

It was such an insane weekend, wasn’t it? What a Sunday it was in Misano a flag-to-flag race where we had to change bikes twice, unbelievable!

All the information we had gathered from the practice sessions in Misano was practically useless. We had more grip, but the temperature had changed completely, and when you add the rain… well, that’s just a whole new story.

So let’s go one step at a time. Before getting to San Marino I was in Austria’s Red Bull Ring filming with one of the sponsors. We were there on Tuesday and Wednesday, but that very same Wednesday night we were, of course, already in San Marino.

From the first practice session, we felt comfortable on the circuit. We were close to claiming pole position, but Jorge was fast throughout the whole weekend. However, we knew we were racing at a good pace, and that we could battle it out for the win.

I need to be thankful to my team because their strategy was simply perfect for a race as insane as this one. That’s not just it though, the bike adapted perfectly to the constantly changing circumstances that came up during the race. I’m so lucky to be able to work with this amazing team!

A lot of people asked why I kept looking back several times during the race. The truth is that in a GP race as important as this one, you need to continuously keep track of what your rivals do, especially when they decide to go into the pit box, so you can then decide for yourself what to do. That’s why, as I said before, it’s important to always be on the lookout and race among your rivals to have that reference. Of course, also having your team informing you and telling you about all of this from the wall at the right moment is another important key.

I’m very happy because everything went wonderfully, and we were able to dedicate this win to all the fan club members that were in Prato supporting us for the entire weekend. Thank you so much!

We’re testing here in Misano today, and then we’ll be able to finally go back home knowing that one of the most special events of the year is around the corner: the Aragón GP!

Question of the week
In your interviews, you always talk about the advice your parents and your grandparents give you. Now, being that you’re the older brother, has your little brother Álex ever given you any advice? | Question from Lucía Peña

Hi Lucía,
Yes, of course, and even more than you can imagine. Even though I’m the older brother, just because I’m in MotoGP doesn’t mean that I’m the only one that can give advice. There’s mutual trust. Álex is my brother and best friend, we spend a lot of time together, and we both do the same thing for a living which is what we love the most. It is clear to us that we must listen to each other, help and support one another, and make the most of the trust between us. He gives me quite a bit of advice, and I truly value it.

Best wishes,


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