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Pedrosa: “I expect things to go a little better for us”

Pedrosa: “I expect things to go a little better for us”

Testing did not go to plan for Dani Pedrosa as he struggled to find a comfortable setting on his Honda, he’s hoping for more in Qatar.

The 2015 MotoGP™ World Championship was a mixed affair for Dani Pedrosa, arm pump ruined the first half of the season for the Repsol Honda Team rider. He then had to contend with an overly aggressive Honda engine, a problem which is unfortunately still around. With the change to the Magneti Marelli ECU, Honda’s problems have not been made any better and both Pedrosa and Marc Marquez spent the majority of testing trying to resolve the issue. Although progress was made, there’s still a lot of work to do with the electronics and also with the setting of the chassis. Pedrosa heads to the Commercial Bank Grand Prix of Qatar well aware that neither he nor the team will likely be where they want to be.

Problems are further compounded for Pedrosa as the Spaniard does not particularly like the Losail track, despite having five previous podium finishes. It looks set to be a long season for Pedrosa and his team, but the Spaniard has proven time and time again that he can recover from the worst, almost career ending, set backs and climb back onto the top step of the podium.

Dani Pedrosa: “I’m going to Qatar with a positive attitude, even if the test we did there wasn't completely satisfactory. We’ve made some progress with the electronics, but we have to improve further with the chassis setup and make the tyres work better. I expect things to go a little better for us this week compared to the test. We’re probably not yet where we’d like to be, but it’s important to remain positive, especially because with the many changes that have been introduced this year, I expect a greater balance among the performances of the riders compared to the past, at least in the beginning. Losail isn’t among my favourite tracks, but I’ve got five podium finishes here so we must stay focused, work to improve our bike setup and be ready to get the most from what we have and from the situation."

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