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Lucio Cecchinello reflects on his second victory of the season in Le Mans

Lucio Cecchinello reflects on his second victory of the season in Le Mans

Lucio Cecchinello reflects on his second victory of the season in Le Mans

The meeting in Le Mans went very well for me, but it wasn´t smooth progress for us throughout the weekend. On the Friday we tested a new chassis from Aprilia, and at the beginning it proved very difficult for us to adjust. I was only 11th after the first day of qualifying and I was a little afraid that we might not find the right set-up for the race, so we were undecided as to whether to stick with the chassis or go back to the old one. In the end my chief technician went with the new one, and the decision definitely paid off for us as I qualified on the front row for the race, and only just behind Poggiali on pole.

The race itself was very exciting, I took the lead on lap nine, and wanted to stay there as behind me I could see that Poggiali and De Angelis were having a big battle for second and it was better for me to remain clear. When you become involved in a fight like that it is easy to have problems, so I did my best to keep my advantage and the bike performed well to help me to the victory. Alex fell, but fortunately didn't hurt himself badly. He will 100% for Mugello, and he´ll be very competitive there. He is definitely ready to start challenging for podiums and even wins as he has proved how fast he can be.

Of course we will be continuing to try and improve the bike, Honda, Derbi and Gilera will all be working very hard to try and make sure their performance gets stronger so we must too. This week the team has a meeting with the Aprilia 125 project leader in Italy to try and find improvements we can make to both our bike´s engine and chassis, the hard work on the bike is never finished.

Although I have now taken two successive wins I don't want to think about the title as it is still very early in the season. I just want to stay concentrated on every race at the moment, maybe if I´m still up there with three races to go I will start to think about it. I have been riding for many years now, and have seen a lot of riders at the top of the standings go on to lose the championship for stupid reasons after losing their concentration. I won´t put pressure on myself, I will keep focused and continue to do my best at every race, that way hopefully the results will keep coming.

125cc, 2002, Polini Grand Prix de France

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