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Pere Riba returns to the action in Italy

Pere Riba returns to the action in Italy

Pere Riba returns to the action in Italy

Pere Riba has declared himself practically 100% recovered and ready to return to full competition for the next round of the World Championship in Mugello. Since his fall, which happened during the qualifying at the first race of the season in Suzuka, the Catalan rider has endured a difficult start to the season. The persistent physical problems caused by the injury forced him to sit out the Grand Prix in Le Mans two weeks back. Before heading off to Italy, the Antena 3 Yamaha D´Antin rider spoke to

`We made the right decision not to race in Le Mans. I´ve had time to get myself right, and I´ve got back the flexibility and strength in my arm. I´ve been travelling once a week to Madrid where they have been making insertions to reduce the inflammation of the tendon, and I´ve been doing a lot of work in the swimming pool and on a bicycle. Although obviously it´s not the same as getting on a motorbike, I didn't feel any pain whilst on the bicycle, and I believe I´m ready to start competing again. If I´m not 100% right then we´ll see when I get back on the bike this weekend´, explained Riba. `The best thing would probably have been not to have ridden in Jerez´, mused the 33 year-old. ´Maybe at that time we didn´t realise the full extent of the injury. In South Africa the shoulder took a real pounding, and the injury needed time to recover. There wasn´t just the torn tendón, but also a fracture, and that is something that can't be fixed by an operation or by inserting pins. It just needed time to heal.´ Riba went on to add that, ´I didn´t get downhearted at any time, probably because I´m experienced and realised that injuries are part and parcel of bike racing. Getting down is the worst thing you can do in a situation like that.´

Riba has been making his final preparations for the trip to Tuscany, which he will be making in his motorhome. ´After leaving Barcelona, we´ll head through France and arrive in Genoa on Wednesday, which is just about 200 kilometres from Mugello.´ Once there, Riba will be looking for a change of fortune to kickstart a season which has yet to get off the ground. ´There are no miracles in this job, but after Italy we head to the GP of Catalunya, and I really want to do well there´.

MotoGP, 2002, Gran Premio Cinzano d'Italia

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