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Quotes from the pre-event press conference

Quotes from the pre-event press conference

Quotes from the pre-event press conference

Carlos Checa: `The sharks were great fun, but a little bit scary when they approach you. The thing is, I didn´t push them to the maximum like I hope to push the other riders this weekend, so I couldn´t tell you which is the most dangerous! Looking towards this weekend I think we have a great opportunity to do well. We started with a new chassis in Mugello which went very well and will be even better here. Racing is very complicated but I think we can compete to a high level.´

Kenny Roberts Jr: `When you look at the championship I have just one race worth of points and we´re nearly at the halfway point of the year, but we are better now than we would have been with the two-stroke from last season so I am happy. We tested the 2002 Michelin tyres for the first time in Mugello last week and it was the biggest jump in quality in terms of rubber that I have ever experienced. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for us now and this weekend will be another important step.´

Regis Laconi: `It has been a hard job for me this season because the bike is so very young. We have had to develop everything to do with the bike and the tyres and this is very tough as a one rider team because I don´t get much of a break. Still, I am very happy with our progress and it is great to be racing in MotoGP.

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