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Chaz Davies preparing for his first ever home Grand Prix at Donington

Chaz Davies preparing for his first ever home Grand Prix at Donington

Chaz Davies preparing for his first ever home Grand Prix at Donington

The build up for my home Grand Prix at Donington started for me as soon as we left Assen. It is the weekend I have been looking forward to all season and I am very motivated for it, so I have been doing lots of other activities to try and help me relax. Casey Stoner and his family came to stay with us on Monday and we spent the whole of Tuesday fishing and riding motocross in the fields near my house. It meant I had to miss school but I couldn´t leave Casey on his own could I?

Speaking of school, it is sports day on Thursday and I have to compete. I am running in the 800m, 100m and triple jump. I am okay at all three events but to be honest I don´t really like sports day and I will be thinking about getting back on my Aprilia as soon as possible. My preparations for Donington have already started in my head – I have been round there so many times that I just keep thinking about the different sections and imagining the perfect lap.

I made the same mental preparations to ride there in the 125cc British Championship last year, and I won the race when I wasn´t even riding at 100%. Of course, it will be tougher this year but my target is to get the absolute maximum out of the bike and hope that is enough to get me into the points. Whether it does or not depends on the bike itself. If it is like it was in Barcelona then I have a good chance, but the team changed the pistons for Assen and I struggled. I will be speaking to them about this problem when we meet up at the start of next week and hopefully we can find a solution. I know how fast I have been around Donington on other machinery, so it will be a good marker.

It is tough to be so demanding of the team because we have no real sponsorship to offer them and if you want new parts then the team needs money. It is a vicious circle at the moment but I feel I am riding okay and hopefully this will be recognised by those who matter. This year has been a great experience for me so far and as a rider I am so much faster than I was a year ago. At the start of the year I was in awe of riders like Youichi Ui and Manuel Poggiali, but now I just see them as other riders on the track and I know that I can be up there with them given a chance.

I will be going down to London next Tuesday for a press conference and Valentino Rossi´s ride-in to Leicester Square. I will see plenty of the British fans down there and hopefully I can give them something to cheer about next Sunday!

125cc, 2002

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