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A hectic summer of holiday activity for Jeremy McWilliams

A hectic summer of holiday activity for Jeremy McWilliams

A hectic summer of holiday activity for Jeremy McWilliams

I´ve really made the most of the summer break this year and have been able to completely disconnect from the pressures at the track. After Sachsenring I went out to America with my boss, Kenny Roberts, for the Harley Davidson festival in South Dakota. I spent six days out there just riding Harleys around and going to a few parties and Kenny introduced me to lots of his friends. There was about 400,000 people there for this festival, it was amazing.

Back home in Northern Ireland we went and parked the motorhome by a nearby lake and we have had loads of fun water-skiing and weight-boarding. I´ve had loads of friends over to stay, including Leon Haslam and a few other guys from the paddock, and we made the most of the great weather. We did plenty of golfing and trials riding too so I´ve been able to keep in shape without really doing any serious training.

Now I´m looking forward to getting back on the bike at Brno. It will be another tough circuit for us because of the need for straight-line power, but we have proved that we can compete at all the circuits so far and we are not afraid. I have to admit though that I am probably looking more forward to Estoril, where there is only one real straight. We have gone well in testing there so I would look to that circuit more in terms of a positive result.

Everyone seems to be talking about next year and the speculation surrounding teams and riders but I am perfectly happy where I am and I would love to stay with Proton. Of course it depends on a lot of things, the main one of those being whether I fit in with Kenny´s plans or not, and it is very early to predict anything, but I don´t want to be anywhere else but in MotoGP. It would be easy for me to consider dropping back to 250 or something like that, but I want to ride a four stroke and that is the only possibility I´m considering at the moment.

MotoGP, 2002

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