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JC Besse on Erwan Nigon joining the Equipe de France

JC Besse on Erwan Nigon joining the Equipe de France

JC Besse on Erwan Nigon joining the Equipe de France

The manager of the Equipe de France Grand Prix, Jean Claude Besse, expresses his views about his new rider, Erwan Nigon. The 19 years old youngster will substitute Vincent Philippe within the 250 team backed up by the French Motorcycling Federation for the remaining races of the season.

´In a way, it was an obvious choice, in terms of federal strategy´ explains Besse. ´Of course, there´s a link between the Grand Prix, Espoir and even Avenir teams, but it doesn´t mean we are tied to the riders of the lower teams of the Federation. If we have to chose between two riders who are both as quick, then the fact that one of them is from a federal team will be determinant´.

This year, Nigon competed in the European Championship within the Equipe de France Espoir. He will have to get used to a new team and a new machinery, but the transition shouldn´t prove to be a problem. ´We´ve been testing with Erwan before confirming him. He was already the ideal candidate, but we had to make sure he was able to get to grips with the team and the bike. The outcome of these tests proved satisfying´.

Besse adds that the promotion of the young French rider had been planned for some time and sees his taking part in the latter half of the season as the best way to prepare his 2003 campaign : ´We can talk about preparing for next year, as we had planned to have him in the team in 2003. Even at the start of the current season, he was already one of the possible riders. As he starts in the middle of the season, there aren´t any precise objectives - he has to learn a lot of things´.

250cc, 2002

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