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Mick Doohan keeping dry in Monaco

Mick Doohan keeping dry in Monaco

I had to leave Estoril early this weekend but I saw the race on television from my home in Monaco where it is nice and dry! It was really disappointing for Sete Gibernau – I don´t know if he folded under the pressure or if the bike just got away from him but it just backed in there and there was no way he could save it. He hasn´t been in that position too many times in his career and maybe if he had he would have done things differently.

There was no way Valentino was catching him, although maybe he would have done if he had got past Ukawa a little earlier. At that point he was just feeling his way around, though, and I´m sure he would have passed if he felt it was safe. Now he only needs 11 points more than Ukawa to win the title in Rio, but it is not necessary that he wins it there and his season certainly does not hinge on that race. It is inevitable he will win the title anyway and I know Valentino has the patience not to do anything silly.

MotoGP, 2002, Mick Doohan

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