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The Rossi posse

The Rossi posse

The Rossi posse

They're not quite `all the King´s men´ - the team of mechanics and technicians who masterminded Valentino Rossi´s march to the MotoGP title in 2002 headed by Jeremy Burguess are missing for a start – but the three man posse who stand constantly by the World Champion´s side represent an important network of support for the flamboyant Honda star. Left to right they are Carlo Cambiagui, Uccio Badioli and `Gibo´ Badioli, and each play a crucial role:

Carlo Cambiagui: Aged 30 and born in Monza, Italy, Carlo joined Rossi this season to take control of media relations. Formerly manager of the Edo Racing team, Carlo forged a strong friendship with Valentino ever since the young Italian began his career in Grand Prix racing.$$$

Uccio Badioli: Right hand man and lifelong best friend, Uccio drives Valentino´s motorhome – that is when the World Champion leaves the wheel free himself. He takes care of all Rossi´s personal belongings and ensures all his kit is ready.


`Gibo´ Badioli: Having been involved with the Rossi family for many years, `Gibo´ acts as manager to Valentino. He has a long standing friendship with his father, Graziano, and along with Uccio he is one of the leading members of the `Tribú´ fan club. Like Rossi, `Gibo´ currently lives in London.

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