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Nobby Ueda looks back on his last ever race

Nobby Ueda looks back on his last ever race

Nobby Ueda looks back on his last ever race

Noboru Ueda has been a permanent fixture in the 125cc World Championship for over a decade. The 2002 season was arguably his most disappointing, spoiled by a succession of injuries and bad results and culminating in his professional retirement at the final round in Valencia. The charismatic Japanese rider spoke to from his homeland as he looked back on the final race of a distinguished twelve year career.

`I took the decision to retire during the Grand Prix weekend in Valencia´, explains Ueda. `I realised that I have to face up to the realities of returning my body to full fitness because I have pushed myself very hard. Ever since a serious crash in Mugello I have had to take painkillers before every race. I have had bad injuries in the past and got over them but this time it was more serious. I returned to competition when I was not in the right shape. At my age I was thinking about making the step up to 250cc but I was not recovering well enough and it is the right time to quit competing and concentrate solely on my recovery´.$$$

`The season has been a bit of a disaster´, continues the 35 year old. `I started well with fourth place at Suzuka, but I was injured at Mugello and that affected the next few races. I missed several rounds and then in Rio I fell again, just as hard as in Mugello but without any breaks. At Motegi I had bad flu… In the last race in Spain I fell again. I have always been received well there and I was disappointed I could not say goodbye with a good race´.

`Now I have decided to rest. I will visit the hospital here in Japan in the next few days to do some tests and begin my recuperation. I will follow the treatment they give me and the advice given to me by Dr. Costa, with the objective of making a full recovery´.

125cc, 2002

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