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Talmacsi signs for Worldwide Race Team

Talmacsi signs for Worldwide Race Team

Talmacsi signs for Worldwide Race Team

Hungarian rider Gabor Talmacsi has been confirmed for 2003 by the Worldwide Race Team, who last season rode under the colours of Imola Circuit Exalt Cycle Race. Talmacsi will ride the Aprilia RS which has won the title on two occasions in the last three years, with Roberto Locatelli and Arnaud Vincent, and has signed a two-year contract with the option of stepping up to the 250cc category in the second season.

`I chose Gabor because he is a very ambitious and self-conscious rider who wants to win at any price,´ said Team Manager Fiorenzo Caponera. `I am looking for this feature in all riders racing in my team and it is the characteristic that helped me in making my decisions in the past years. I think Gabor is a rider with very good skills, who can be really dangerous to his competitors if he manages to harmonise his technical development with his resolution.´

Talmacsi was understandably excited by the news of the deal. `I think this is the chance of my life and I will do anything to satisfy the trust that the team have laid in me,´ he said. `I have been with them only for some hours and I feel like I am living in a dream. These people are really professional and human, and I am sure I will have great time with them.´

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