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McCoy crashes on first day of Kawasaki test at Phillip Island

McCoy crashes on first day of Kawasaki test at Phillip Island

McCoy crashes on first day of Kawasaki test at Phillip Island

Kawasaki Racing Team arrived at Phillip Island for the first of three days of testing today, but Garry McCoy had completed just two hours and 21 laps when he suffered a heavy crash in the notorious Siberia corner of the Australian race track. Dazed and heavily shaken, the `King of Slide´ was taken to the hospital in the local town of Cowes for a medical check, but was later released without any injuries apart from bruises and mild concussion.

`Normally, you just hold second gear from the exit of Honda corner to the braking point for Siberia, but I must have hit a bump, because I accidentally clicked into third with the throttle still wide open,´ explained McCoy, who struggled last season thanks to injuries picked up during winter testing. `Obviously, I got into that corner way too hot. I tried to brake and slow down as much as I could before letting the bike go, but there is not a lot of run-off there, so I hit the ground quite hard.´

Team Manager Harald Eckl confirmed that the spill was due to a gear shift problem. `Our computer data confirms a very unusual shift from second to third gear right at the braking point for the Siberia left-hand corner,´ he commented. `Garry arrived at his home circuit highly motivated, so it was especially unlucky for him to crash when the test had hardly started. Fortunately, he didn´t suffer any serious injuries, and we hope that he will be fit to ride tomorrow.´

McCoy´s team-mate Andrew Pitt and test riders Akira Yanagawa and Alex Hofmann rode on despite strong and gusty winds, aiming to find a suitable set-up for the fast and sweeping circuit. With two of their new chassis stuck in quarantine at Melbourne airport, they worked on refinements of the Fuchs Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR´s fuel injection system, and on tests of the latest generation Dunlop tyres.

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