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McCoy sits out second day of Kawasaki test

McCoy sits out second day of Kawasaki test

McCoy sits out second day of Kawasaki test

After a heavy fall off his Fuchs Kawasaki Ninja ZX-RR on the first day of testing in Phillip Island, Australian Garry McCoy took the second day off in order to recover from heavy bruising and a mild concussion. Even though he didn´t feel well enough to ride, McCoy showed up at the race track in the afternoon to visit his Kawasaki Racing Team and to observe the preparations of his bike with a new chassis that had finally been released by the Melbourne customs authorities.

`With concussion, you normally need two days of rest, and probably seven days without any sporting activities, which is why I preferred not to ride today,´ explained McCoy. `I do feel a little bit better, but obviously not 100 per cent, and after spending the afternoon in the paddock, I´m now going back to my hotel room. I hope to have another good night´s sleep, and we´ll see how I feel tomorrow. If I don´t feel too bad, I want to go out there and do a few laps, just to have confidence in riding the bike again. The next test is about a month away, and I would like to leave thinking about other things than just this crash.

Team-mate Andrew Pitt and test riders Akira Yanagawa and Alex Hofmann enjoyed a mainly sunny day with easing winds, and all three of them further improved their lap times. `We did a lot of tyre testing again, but the Dunlop container still seems to be full!´ said Hoffman, who completed 81 laps and clocked a best time of 1:35.22. `There are a lot of details that we find here and there, and we are making steady progress. I´m happy because my lap time came down once again. I´m only one and a half seconds behind the other guys, which is certainly not bad with my older generation bike. I feel good on this track, and my only problem is that every time I go out, I have to adjust to different circumstances. But that's what tyre testing is all about, and I keep learning a lot!´

MotoGP, 2003

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