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Katja Poensgen ready to get back on a 250

Katja Poensgen ready to get back on a 250

Katja Poensgen ready to get back on a 250

The day before yesterday I spoke to my new team boss, Mr Bartolini, and it seems everything is in place for the IRTA tests, which I am very excited about. The last time a rode a 250 was at the Rio GP at the end of 2001, so it has been a long time coming and it will take me a bit of time to get my feeling back. It has been a difficult year not racing, and whilst I have been riding Supermoto and Enduro, I have steered clear from my 1000cc road bike because I don´t want to pick up bad habits before getting back on the 250.

Just because I am a woman does not mean that I necessarily have to train harder than the men to be fit enough to compete, although I do have to work on certain parts of my body probably more than they do. For example, a woman´s forearms are naturally not as strong as a man´s, so I have to do extra exercises to build up my power because that is obviously an important muscle for racing bikes. Other than that I do running, swimming and cycling, just like the rest of the guys.

I would have liked to have started the preseason testing programme a little earlier, but I know that was not possible for the team and I understand their position. It is a brand new team, who have to sort out many things before they can actually get a bike on a racetrack, and that is something I have no power over. It is a bit frustrating to see the other guys out there testing but I will get my chance and I am just happy to have it.

When I began racing Grand Prix in 2001 there was a lot of press speculation about me, and I have to say that has not been the case this time around. It seems that people don´t believe in my team, just because they haven´t seen the bikes on the track or an official presentation. However, I have been involved in this situation before and I know that the trust of my team is more important than a presentation. I have a great deal of faith in them and I can´t wait to get out on the track at Jerez for the first IRTA test next week.

250cc, 2003

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