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Pedrosa remains focussed after IRTA tests

Pedrosa remains focussed after IRTA tests

Pedrosa remains focussed after IRTA tests

We could not make any advancement in our plans after the official IRTA tests. The weather was awful especially in Jerez and we lost the chance to test many things however I suppose it was the same for all the other teams. For me personally it was not so bad because I like to ride in the rain. I needed to accumulate some kilometres in those conditions because it can be very useful experience for the Championship.

In Estoril we could recover a little bit of our testing programme. The first days we worked mainly with the rear suspension, because we had a few problems in this area last year. The second day we could not ride as much because the track was quite damp, but again I like to seize these kind of moments to ride because it helps with my concentration and rhythm. Concerning the times what we have see up until now is not a very reliable indication because I have not used the 2003 kit and because of this I don't go to compare my times with either Aprilia or Derbi just yet.$$$ In tests fast laps really do not mean a great deal but I did see that many riders are in good form and that quite a few are excited and ready for the new season. Youichi Ui for example has changed his team for 2003 and was very relaxed and motivated.

I am also raring to go! In March we have plans for a new test even through we do not have a confirmed date as yet. This is because we have to square off some time to do a TV spot for Telefonica. After that I have to start to think about heading to Japan.

125cc, 2003, Dani Pedrosa

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