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Ralf Waldmann heads to England to test Harris WCM machine for first time

Ralf Waldmann heads to England to test Harris WCM machine for first time

Ralf Waldmann heads to England to test Harris WCM machine for first time

Veteran Grand Prix star Ralf Waldmann last night revealed that he was this morning travelling to England to test the Harris WCM four-stroke MotoGP prototype for the first time. The 36 year old German said that the team run by Peter Clifford had already completed an initial roll out test at a private venue, and that he would be riding the machine at Mallory Park on Wednesday and then at Rockingham on Thursday. It promises to be a crucial couple of days for the team, who also plan to lap alongside Suzuki in a private test at Catalunya next week, just days before the MotoGP Winter Test at the same circuit.

`So far I have only seen an artist´s impression of the bike so I am very interested to see it close up,´ said Waldmann, who is coming out of retirement to take part in the exciting new project. `I have spoken to the chief mechanic several times over the phone and he says it is fine, but it is much different to see it in the flesh and I am very interested to see how the engine works.´

$$$ Whilst the Harris WCM machine has slowly made the transition from drawing board to racetrack over the winter, most of the team´s MotoGP rivals have been clocking up the kilometres around the world, a factor Waldmann believes gives them little chance of success in their debut season. `It is normal that the bike will be slow compared to the others – it would be strange if it wasn´t. Our aim is to make the bike faster and get in the points as soon as possible. Personally I am riding for almost no money because I want to show that I can still compete at this level and prove I can make a slow bike become a fast one.´

Waldmann also revealed his delight at returning to top class MotoGP action for the first time since he rode the Kenny Roberts Modenas in 1998. `I rode as a 250 wildcard three times last season and I enjoyed it so much I just knew I had to get back to racing. I looked for a sponsor to make a 250 team but I was having no luck, I talked to BMW about racing in the Boxer Cup, and to Porsche about driving in the Porsche Cup. I was waiting and waiting for something to happen and then I got in touch with Peter Clifford and everything clicked into place, so I am very happy and very excited to get started.´

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