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Team Abruzzo: Getting to grips with their ambitions

Team Abruzzo: Getting to grips with their ambitions

Team Abruzzo: Getting to grips with their ambitions

Team Abruzzo have re-affirmed their goal to challenge for the 125cc World Championship this year. The Italian outfit have decided to experiment with two riders for the 2003 campaign in the form of Stefano Perugini and Max Sabbatani. In 1998, the year that he put his squad into action, Giordano Cerigioni obtained the title thanks to the efforts of Kazuto Sakata. He probably had a faint recollection of that season of glory several weeks ago when Perugini set the fastest time at the IRTA tests in Jerez.

`Stefano is a rider I have always liked´, explained 44 year old Cerigioni. ´He is a fast rider with a lot of quality, but he hasn't been lucky in his career. We have taken a chance on him and believe that he is capable of great things. Recalling his excellent crono time in Jerez I was really surprised because I thought he would need more time to adapt to the bike. Max Sabbatani made the fifth best time, so I am not sure if we could have done all that much better. In Estoril things did not go so well but the impression so far is that we can get some good results with these riders´.

Even though the team retains a family atmosphere (Cerigioni´s brother is involved in the structure) their ambitions could not be more serious, as revealed by the team´s owner: `We are not here only to participate; say no more. We won the title in 1998 and it is clear that this is something we want to repeat. We are counting on having the material to try this and the riders at their best´. The Team Abruzzo seem to specialize in extracting the best from their signings every season and Cerigioni has a lot of pride in this matter: `I do not want to boast but apart from the title that we got with Sakarta, in this team we have elevated riders like Borsoi or Steve Jenkner, who took his first podium with us. They work in a good environment and that obviously bears fruit,´ he explained.

The team are now waiting to find out if they will be participating in the private Aprilia tests occurring in Mugello on 24 and 25 of March: `Everything depends on the logistics,´ Cerigioni admitted. ´If we can get the material to Mugello and still be in time to ship everything to Suzuka then we would very much like to take part in the final pre-season test.´

125cc, 2003

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