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Statement from Team Telefonica Movistar Honda

Statement from Team Telefonica Movistar Honda

Statement from Team Telefonica Movistar Honda

Team Telefonica Movistar Honda have today made the following statement about the condition of their rider Daijiro Kato:

The Team Telefonica Movistar Honda informs that rider Daijiro Kato has spent the night in the intensive care unit of the Mie Medical Center in Yokkaichi, where he arrived on Sunday the 6th April, after being involved in the terrible accident at the Suzuka Circuit. The Hospital has not made any official medical statement yet, but the Japanese doctors have informed that there has been a slight improvement in Daijiro's condition.

The Team Manager Fausto Gresini, who joined his rider at the Hospital right after the accident occurred, said: `We all keep on praying for Daijiro, it is the only thing we can do now; there is nothing we can say, just wait and see what happen´. Also joining Fausto Gresini at the Hospital is Daijiro Kato's wife, his chief mechanic Fabrizio Cecchini and the team's commercial director Carlo Merlini, who all wish to stay close to Daijiro during these dramatic moments.

$$$ The team, is awaiting for further news from the hospital´s medical team as well some information on what could have caused the terrible accident: they will remain close to their rider and inform of any improvement of Daijiro´s state. Fausto Gresini has added that he will go and check the zone of the circuit where the Japanese rider crashed on Sunday.

MotoGP, 2003

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