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Quotes from the front row

Quotes from the front row

Quotes from the front row

Randy De Puniet (1st): ` I feel okay now but sometimes my back aches, although I can ride comfortably. Unfortunately I lost grip at the same corner as yesterday with just seven minutes left, but I was able to restart with a new tyre to get pole once again. Th track is very slippery and it will be important to conserve the tyre for the final part of the race.´

Manuel Poggiali (2nd): `We still have some problems to solve especially with the tyres because with this high temperature they do not work in the right way with the suspension system. Anyway, I feel ready even if the race is going to be very hard. Looking at the last session I should be fighting for the podium with De Puniet and Battaini, but I don´t like to make forecasts.´

Franco Battaini (3rd): `Tomorrow will be a tough race, maybe even tougher than Welkomk because not only is it very hot but the humidity is high too. The fact that Randy, Manuel and I are on the front row again makes me believe that we are the fittest ones out there´

250cc, 2003, Gran Premio Marlboro de España

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