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Biaggi ready to perform for his home fans

Biaggi ready to perform for his home fans

Biaggi ready to perform for his home fans

This weekend Max Biaggi makes the comparatively short trip from his adopted home in Monaco across the border to the Mugello circuit situated high in the Tuscan hills above Florence for the Italian Grand Prix. It´s both a venue and event that typifies the excitement and pressure generated by the arrival of the MotoGP road show.

`Mugello is so special for all Italians especially as it is the only MotoGP race of the year in Italy,´ said Biaggi. `The track is very nice but the facilities for those going to watch are not that great with only that little one road into the track. Apart from that the location is amazing in the middle of the green countryside while the track itself is uphill, downhill, a banked corner, short corners and long corners and the long straight. It´s a unique place and I love racing there.´

They are passionate about their motorsport in Italy and Biaggi is the first to admit that moving to Monaco has provided a haven of rest from the constant attention he was getting in his home country. `I didn´t move to Monaco because plenty of important people live there but because it´s quiet and I´m able to relax.´

Discovering that fine balance between work and play is a vital component of any successful World Championship campaign. Being able to relax between those frantic bursts of energy and emotion is something Biaggi has achieved, while he never forgets the people who have enabled him to make his own decisions in life.

`Mugello is also the big race for my fan club which is based in Italy. As many of them as possible try and come to the race and the hill above the Casanova Savelli corner has always been the traditional home of the Biaggi fan club since 1994,´ he explained. `It´s always been a hillside of red but this year it will change to yellow which of course is the colour of my new bike, the colour of Max and Camel Pramac Pons. The red shirts have gone to be replaced by the yellow. I´m proud to race for them and on Saturday night I always go to see them on the hill . I ride the scooter up there and they give me a great welcome and we have a big party. It´s always a really nice evening.´

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