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Max Biaggi toasts Assen podium at birthday celebrations in Rome

Max Biaggi toasts Assen podium at birthday celebrations in Rome

Max Biaggi toasts Assen podium at birthday celebrations in Rome

The race at Assen was incredible - so nice. Maybe if I hadn't lost touch with Sete because of the backmarkers I could have pushed him to the end, and who knows how it would have finished. But the 'who knows' and the 'maybes' don't get you anywhere, and in any case Sete rode very well, so I am more than satisfied with how things went. After the race I read that many riders had problems with their visors steaming up, but not me. My helmet was perfect and I had no visibility problems, so thanks to Suomy for that.

As always, I caught the plane just a couple of hours after the race, but for the first time in a long while I didn't go to my place in Monaco, but home to Roma to celebrate my birthday. I hadn't been there since we met Presidente Ciampi and again I was only there for one day, but I had a lot of fun.

After spending so many years making my friends come and see me, I decided to organize a party in Rome. I rented out the top floor of a futuristic hotel which had only opened six months ago - it was really spectacular. The terrace had two swimming pools, an open air bar and a magnificent restaurant with views over the whole city. My oldest friends came, from when I was a small child, and all my family. We had a table football competition with some great prizes. There was 150 of us with two pools so you can imagine how we ended up... everybody in the water, like it or not!

It was a special night but even when I fly straight home after a race I always find a way to relax. Usually, the first thing I do is open all the windows and water the plants. It may seem strange that I have such a boring hobby, but it really relaxes me. Then I go out for something to eat with my friends. The next morning I get up early and go to the office until lunchtime. In the evening I go for a gentle jog, to alleviate the tension of the GP weekend. Almost every Monday I meet up with my friends at the Mónaco football stadium for a game with Didier Deschamps, who is their coach now and who used to be a great player. He plays passes that I could only dream of!

So that is my week between the races, as well as working on the telephone or the computer, my physical training programme and interviews. Soon it is time to pack up and leave again - next week to Donington, where I am hopeful of another good performance. It is also an important occasion for Riders for Health, the charity which we work closely with and I have a very close bond. This year I will again be donating a set of my leathers for the auction - in the past I have always given race-worn leathers. This year they will be yellow, which makes a change from past seasons! Hopefully I will see you there for Day of Champions on Thursday. Ciao everyone!


MotoGP, 2003, Max Biaggi

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