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Roberts fighting to be fit for Germany

Roberts fighting to be fit for Germany

Roberts fighting to be fit for Germany

Team Suzuki rider Kenny Roberts Jr. is fighting to be fit for the Cinzano Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland after suffering debilitating shoulder and chest injuries that have ruled him out of the last three rounds of the MotoGP World Championship. Roberts, who is receiving treatment from famed racing surgeon Dr Art Ting in California, had hoped to be strong enough to make a return for the Donington Park race last weekend, but further consultation during the previous week ruled it out.

Dr Ting reported that an examination on July 3rd showed that Roberts was significantly hampered by ligament damage to his right shoulder and would need another two weeks recuperation, after initial investigations had confirmed injuries at each end of the collarbone bone - the sternoclavicular (collarbone to breast plate) and right AC (collarbone to shoulder) joints.

`On exam, his range of motion is limited secondary to pain, now primarily at the right AC joint, where he continues to have significant swelling,´ reported Ting, who immobilised Roberts´ shoulder and administered compression and other passive treatments. `He has full range of motion, but lacks the extremes secondary to discomfort.´

Suzuki Team Manager Garry Taylor is looking forward to getting his most experienced rider back in action, but has insisted Roberts does not return until he is 100% fit: `It´s not as though Kenny is fighting for the title,´ said Taylor. `We are at a crucial stage of development with our new machine, and the most important thing is to have the riders and the motorcycles in the best possible condition so that we can make real progress. Otherwise no improvement will be possible.´

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