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Proton Team KR promise one final fling for the two-strokes

Proton Team KR promise one final fling for the two-strokes

Proton Team KR promise one final fling for the two-strokes

Proton Team KR riders Jeremy McWilliams and Nobuatsu Aoki will switch back to their trusty two-strokes for just one more race at the Sachsenring this weekend after a shortage of the necessary upgraded engine parts forced the team to send their prototype KR V5 back to the Banbury headquarters to concentrate on a full-on racing return in the next round at Brno. The team were at the Czech Republic circuit for two days of tests last week but were unable to solve problems with oil circulation and crankshaft weaknesses. A new set of redesigned crankshafts are expected to be ready after the summer break.

`It has been hectic since we first ran the bike – one race meeting after another, with barely time to deal with the development programme in amongst all the travelling,´ said team manager Chuck Aksland. `Brno was only the second time we´d had the bike at a track where we weren´t actually racing. Without the pressure of racing and the time restrictions, we were able to find out a lot more about the machines, and get some of the data we need to move the bike ahead. We also have an engine on the dyno that should give us more power. We need to get it to the stage where it can go round and round reliably, and then keep on developing from there´

Whilst the move has been forced by circumstances, the shortest and tightest track of the year is known to favour the light and nimble handling of a 500cc two-stroke after Alex Barros, on a Honda NSR, and Olivier Jacque, on a Yamaha YZR, dominated last year´s race before the Frenchman wiped out his current team-mate just a few laps before the end. The German round was also the best double result of the season for the Proton KR3, with McWilliams taking seventh and Aoki right behind him in eighth.

MotoGP, 2003

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